1. A potential restructuring.

    I have a bad habit of starting things before I’m ready to continue them. I think the initial plan for this site was much of the same. I have a lot of knowledge about the game but there’s 8,000 other LoL blogs with the same information I would have provided, and I have nothing that makes mine any more appealing than any other. With that in mind, I’m going to take this a different direction. One more centered around me than anyone else. I have a talent for identifying issues in play but not I’m particularly good at identifying my own. Maybe with a forum in which I can provide replays and my thoughts on them, it’ll help. And who knows, maybe someone will find it interesting. At the very least I’ll have something to go back and review. The biggest issue I have identified in my play is that my champion pool is too large. That may sound silly if you watch competitive play, but I’m not playing competitive play, I’m playing solo queue. I am comfortable with a huge set of champions and consider most of them when making a pick, but there’s no point in doing that. 2-3 for each role in solo queue is fine, and I’ll be a lot more comfortable with the matchups against them that way. No matter how good you are “at a champion” it becomes less effective the less you’ve laned them against the current lane you’re in, even more so ...
  2. The Meta in Season 3 – Introduction

    The meta shifts with just about every new patch, albeit slightly. The largest changes are spurred on by new items, and the large season start patches. Many people get stuck in the “old meta” and fail to adapt, causing disagreements with more up-to-date players and in many cases, a less effective play. There are a lot of things that cause the meta to change, but before we can really take a look at what the meta is today and why it has progressed to that point… What does ‘the meta’ mean, when talking about League of Legends?


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